Change User Script

What does this program do?

This utility can be used to rename a user account from one user ID (i.e., short name) and full name to another, or to make a duplicate of an existing ID (with or without its data files). If using the rename function, it will also personalize global settings, such as the File Sharing Name, DHCP ID, and Rendezvous ID.

IMPORTANT NOTE! This program makes changes that could potentially damage an existing account, or disable your computer. Use with caution.

What can I use it for?

You can use this program to simply reconfigure one user account, or possibly the whole computer, from one user name to another. This can be useful if you have a computer that is already preconfigured, and you need a "quick and dirty" way to set it up for a new user.

But possibly a better use for this program is to use it to modify an already existing "cloned" system (i.e. a pre-configured system that is missing everything but the final user name and ID).

What are the system requirements for this program?

This program must be run while logged in with:
  • an account that has administrator privileges
  • "Enable access for assistive devices" checked in the Universal Access CP
  • Apple Remote Desktop Client, version 2.0 or higher (free download at
  • Mac OS 10.3 or higher

  • Since this script is changing low-level system values, you should quit any other applications that may be open when running this script.
  • If you keep a copy of OS 9 on a volume separate from OS X then you will be prompted for the location of the File Sharing control panel every time Change User is launched.
  • This program will not handle the changes necessary for an account using Personal Web Sharing.

Current Version: 050220