Lasiurus xanthinus

Southwestern Yellow Bat

Southwestern Yellow Bat

Distribution, Abundance, and Seasonality

The western yellow bat is uncommon in California, known only in Riverside, Imperial, and San Diego cos. south to the Mexican border. This species has been recorded below 600 m (2000 ft) in valley foothill riparian, desert riparian, desert wash, and palm oasis habitats. California records occur only in spring, summer, and fall. California breeding status is uncertain; lack of data. Barbour and Davis (1969) suggested that this species may be increasing in range and abundance in the U.S.

Southwestern Yellow Bat Range Map
Range Map

Specific Habitat Requirements

Feeding: Feeds on flying insects. Forages over water and among trees. Flight is slow and steady. Capable of rapid flight but fairly maneuverable.

Cover: Roosts in trees. Has been captured roosting under palm trees.

Reproduction: Probably forms small maternity groups in trees and palms.

Water: No data found. Probably requires water.

Pattern: Roosts and feeds in, and near, palm oases and riparian habitats.

Species Life History

Activity Patterns: Emerges at dusk. No data on winter activity found.

Seasonal Movements / Migration: Migratory. In California, present primarily during migratory season.

Home Range: No data found.

Territory: No data found.

Reproduction: Births in June and July, peaking in mid-June. Single litter per yr averages 2 young (range 1-5). Both sexes reproduce in their first yr (Myers 1977).

Niche: No additional data found.

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