Perognathus inornatus

San Joaquin Pocket Mouse

San Joaquin Pocket Mouse

Distribution, Abundance, and Seasonality

Occurs in dry, open grasslands or scrub areas on fine-textured soils between 350 and 600 m (1100 and 2000 ft) in the Central and Salinas valleys.

San Joaquin Pocket Mouse Range Map
Range Map

Specific Habitat Requirements

Feeding: Seeds probably constitute the majority of the diet; also eats green vegetation and insects. Seeds are gathered, carried in cheek pouches, and stored in the burrows.

Cover: Hawbecker (1951) found that the San Joaquin pocket mouse occurred on shrubby ridge tops and hillsides. Grinnell (1933) characterized the habitat as being open, sandy areas with grasses and forbs. Digs burrows for cover.

Reproduction: Young apparently born and raised in a nest built in the burrow.

Water: No data found.

Pattern: No additional data found.

Species Life History

Activity Patterns: Nocturnal. May become torpid during extreme heat or cold.

Seasonal Movements / Migration: Non-migratory.

Home Range: No data found.

Territory: No data found.

Reproduction: Reproduction probably occurs during spring and early summer.

Niche: P. inornatus is similar in appearance, and probably in habits, to P. Iongimembris. Sympatric in a portion of its range with at least 7 other seed-eating heteromyid rodents: Dipodomys nitratoides, D. heermanni, D. ingens, D. microps, D. panamintinus, P. alticola, and P. Iongimembris. Badgers, owls, weasels, skunks, kit foxes, and domestic cats probably prey on San Joaquin pocket mice.

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