Outline Information Window

The Outline Information window displays information from a typeface's outline font resources. For PostScript fonts, the data is taken from the comment lines found in the POST 501 resource data of the downloadable font. Line 1 contains the format version information, ie. Type 1.0 or Type 3. Line 2 contains the creation date and version, and Line 3 contains the printer virtual memory usage comment line.

When viewing TrueType fonts FontView can provide version, date, and name record information for the font. Note that only the first 210 name records are provided.

For detailed information on what the values in these fields mean, see Inside Macintosh: Text, QuickDraw GX Font Formats, The TrueType Font Format Specification, TrueType 1.0 Font Files: Technical Specification, or PostScript Language Reference, 2nd edition.

Outline Info. window
Outline Info. Window

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