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The clipboard format determines how characters will be saved on the clipboard. It may be convenient to have the PICT option toggled on for pasting characters into another program, where they can be stretched or otherwise resized. If you are using MacDraw or a similar object based drawing program, you will also be able to edit the pasted text with the original font, style, and size intact.

The "Other Font Size" field is the value used for the alternate size in the font size menu. The Missing Characters checkbox toggles the display of control characters or other characters with an assigned glyph. The "Preserve Glyph Shapes" checkbox is a system setting that is left off in many applications. However, FontView allows you to toggle this setting because the appearance of some typefaces will be distorted unless the Preserve Glyph Shapes option is enabled.

A few features are only available to registered users. The "Display Fonts in Font Menu" checkbox toggles the display of fonts in the font menu. Users with many fonts and/or slower systems may wish to leave this option off, as it can cause noticable delays when opening the font menu for the first time. And for users using a fast G3 based system, live window dragging can optionally be turned on using the last of the dialog's checkboxes.

Preferences Dialog
Preferences Dialog (registered version w/ System 8)

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