Selected by MacUser Magazine as one of the "...12 essential desktop publishing utilities..." and awarded four mice by MacWorld Online, FontView is a Mac OS application that displays a font's full character set.

Characters (or glyphs) can be examined closely by simply double-clicking on a character in the window. Other options supply information on the current type face and FOND, FONT/NFNT, TrueType, and PostScript font resources. FontView can also be used preview fonts before installing them in your system by letting you open font suitcase files.

FontView main window

FontView's Main Window

The current version of FontView requires:

  • a 68020 or better processor (Mac II, Quadra, PowerPC, G3, etc.)
  • System 7 or better, System 8 preferred
  • 320K of free RAM. Less RAM can be used, but some features may be disabled.
  • Now compatible with System 8.5 and up!

For the Java version of FontView, click here.
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